Forest Dale Home Inc. is a Non-Profit licensed 50 bed Nursing Home and is an active member of the New Brunswick Nursing Home Association.  Operating since 1980 and is located in Riverside-Albert on highway 114 about 50 minutes from Moncton.

Forest Dale Home is a reduced fragrance and smoke free environment.  The Home has 40 private rooms and 5 semi-private rooms, each with its own accompanying washroom.  Residents and family members are encouraged to bring in familiar items which help to make each room more personal.

Admission Process

In order for a person to be admitted to a New Brunswick Nursing Home, they must be deemed eligible for nursing Home Level Care through the Single Entry Point (S.E.P.) assessment process.

The Department of Social Development, Nursing Home Services Division completes this process.  A Registered Extra-Mural Nurse or Social Worker is assigned to the healthcare assessment process depending on the location of the applicant. An evaluation with the appropriate forms are completed to initiate the assessment process.  A Single Entry Point, S.E.P. committee meets weekly to review these evaluations.

Once a client has been approved for Nursing Home Level Care, they may be admitted to the Nursing Home of their choice (pending bed availability)

This process can be started or you can obtain more information by calling 1-833-733-7835.

Once a client is eligible for Nursing Home Level Care, a Financial Assessment is then required by the Province in order to determine eligibility for Provincial Financial Assistance.  For more information visit External link opens in new tab or 

The second criteria for admission to a New Brunswick Nursing Home is to have an up to date application on file with the "Nursing Home of Choice".

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Rates & Services

Customer Testimonials

"Forest Dale Home has been a part of my life for many years. My grandmother Elderkin always said, "if she had of known
Forest Dale was such a great place she would have gone there earlier." When visitors would come to see their friends or family they would stop by to visit with Gram. She loved the entertainment and the spark of life she encountered each day. She was never lonely. My brother, mum and several aunts made Forest Dale their home until their passing. All enjoyed their time spent here. The girls were always so kind and caring to residents. They certainly go the extra mile."

Gayle Steeves, Hillsborough